Group of retired friends set up ‘Old Coots’ booth at farmers market to give free life advice

There is nothing more precious in life than getting advice from someone older and wiser than you. But sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy having their grandparents around. Some people have no one to turn to when it comes to getting solid life advice.This is the gap these retirees wanted to fill in peoples’ lives. And this lead to a wonderful initiative by them… Keep reading to learn more about it!.

A group of friends who have known each other their entire lives would often meet at their regular spot; a coffee shop located in their town of Salt Lake City in Utah. Their gatherings and sharing of stories is what led to them coming to a brilliant conclusion; they should share these stories with other people!
One of the members of the group 69-year-old Tony Caputo noticed something; a farmer’s market on the other side of the street with hundreds of attendees!
He coined an idea in the group; setting up a stall there to give people advice. The other guys loved it. And so, next week they set up a booth with a large sign overhead which read “Old Coots Giving Bad Advice”, “It’s probably bad advice, but it’s free”.

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