8-Year-Old Creates an Impressive Portrait of Jesus, Describing an Encounter with His True Face

Akiane Kramarik’s “Prince of Peace,” a captivating portrayal of Jesus that she created at the tender age of 8, has emerged as a true work of art after enduring a tumultuous journey of theft, accidental sale, and a lengthy period of obscurity spanning 16 years.

Akiane, a multi-talented individual who has achieved success as a novelist, businesswoman, and philanthropist, has shared her motivation behind creating her renowned masterpiece, “Prince of Peace.” She felt a deep sense of duty to paint this artwork, which she believes serves as a powerful symbol of inspiration and guidance for humanity, driven by a persistent visionary inspiration.

At the young age of nine, she proudly presented one of her remarkable creations on the Oprah Show. It was a captivating painting titled “Prince of Peace,” showcasing her meticulous brushwork and inspired depiction of Jesus.You have a remarkable skill. Where did this come from? Consulting with Akiane was like speaking with Oprah.

The young prodigy confidently stated, “It comes from a higher power.”

At the tender age of 10, Akiane was once asked in an interview about her remarkable ability to discern the voice of the divine. She replied, “Because I listen to His voice. His voice has a gentle and enchanting quality.

Surprisingly, Akiane grew up in a quaint town in Idaho with a family who preferred not to talk about their spiritual convictions.

Something more than just art was being created. Forelli Kramarik, Akiane’s mother, grew up in a Lithuanian atheist household. She experienced a profound spiritual and artistic awakening. Once she began sharing her aspirations and visions, everything began to unfold. My husband didn’t follow the family’s values and used to be a Catholic. We neglected our religious practices, failed to engage in communal prayer, and avoided discussions about spirituality. At that moment, Akiane shifted the conversation to the topic of God.

As per her mother’s account, Akiane received her education at home, had no babysitters or exposure to television, and was not influenced by external sources. We were constantly in the presence of children, so we could clearly see that Akiane’s beliefs about God were not influenced by others. However, out of nowhere, she would delve into profound discussions where we explored the depths of God’s love and His significance in our lives.

As per Akiane, the artwork was born from a whimsical childhood imagination.

Her original plan was to express her ideas through poetry and other forms of literature, but she eventually concluded that words were insufficient to capture the complexity of her vision, so she turned to painting instead.

Jesus is always on her mind and in her conversations,” she remarked. I dedicated a significant amount of time searching for a specific model, and when I couldn’t find it, I suggested to my family that we continuously pray for the right model, hoping that it would be provided by a higher power.

Following their prayer, a remarkably tall craftsman, bearing a striking resemblance to Jesus and possessing carpentry skills, appeared at their doorstep in search of employment. Upon laying eyes on him, Akiane felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. She pondered, recalling the moment when she confidently identified him to her mother. He is someone I truly admire and look up to.

Akiane drew inspiration from a vision she had of a carpenter, resulting in the creation of the renowned masterpiece “Prince of Peace,” which has gained global recognition.

During its journey to an exhibition, the painting “Prince of Peace” was unfortunately stolen. The artist’s remarkable talent for vibrant colors and precise technique was evident, especially considering their young age.

After a few years, Akiane finally received her precious possession again. However, she noticed that some sawdust had managed to find its way onto it during the shipping process. With great care, she meticulously removed every speck of dust.

Despite their best efforts to share Akiane’s spiritually-inspired portrait with the world, the family’s plans to display it were thwarted by a clerical mistake.

After losing a protracted legal battle to reclaim the painting—which was then being kept in a dark stairwell—Akiane sold “Prince of Peace” to a private collector and shifted his focus to creating other works that would go on to win international appreciation.

Thanks to her exceptional abilities, Akiane managed to uplift her family from destitution, holding onto the hope of one day encountering her “Prince of Peace.”

She visited more than 30 nations during this time, where she taught locals how to paint and spread the gospel of peace and spirituality to various groups of people. In order to keep “Prince of Peace” fresh in people’s thoughts, she sold more than 100,000 prints.

2019 witnessed an extraordinary event.

According to rumors, “Prince of Peace”‘s $850,000 purchasers are “one of the world’s most distinguished and esteemed families.”

The newly established family views itself as the caretakers of the original. They consider it their duty to preserve this masterpiece for future generations so that its message might continue to inspire millions of people.Nearly twenty years later, Akiane carefully opened the package containing her beloved “Prince of Peace,” wiped her eyes, and knelt down. In a recent interview with CBS, Akiane was asked about her favorite piece of work and responded, “It was amazing to me.” After so many years, “to be able to see this into the light once more.”

“It’s still surreal to me,” she continued. I’m not lying…Love is incredibly potent. It will consistently arrive on schedule for those who require it most.

The Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas is now hosting the exhibition “Akiane: The Early Years,” which includes the well-known artwork “Prince of Peace.”

Even if one does not share Akiane Kramarik’s Christian religion, it is impossible to deny her immense talent. Which, if any, of her works do you find most appealing?

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