March 20, 2023

In recent years it has come to light that the Royal Family might not be as close-knit as people once believed them to be. As Harry bid farewell to his duties as a senior member of the royal family a rift developed between him and his brother.

After the Queen’s passing, both brothers seemingly displayed a united front. But on-lookers couldn’t resist reading their body language.

It is no secret that both the sons of King Charles are not on the best terms with each other. It is often evident when both of them do not show up for important events together. Or how Prince William and Kate Middleton did not even attend the first birthday party of Harry’s daughter.

However, it has been speculated that the death of their grandmother might have brought the two boys closer together. The brothers arrived together at Windsor Castle over the weekend with their respective spouses in tow. The four of them displaying a united front amid the heartbreak their family is experiencing is incredibly important.

An insider told the press that it was William who invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join them at Windsor.

“The Prince of Wales thought it was an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family,” the insider said.

Even though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were invited, there were apparently extensive negotiations that took place behind the scene to ensure the four of them appeared together.

According to reports, the couple was supposed to arrive jointly and it was delayed. The couples both delayed arriving by almost 45 minutes because it required “extended negotiations” for them to be able to make a simple public appearance together.

However, people still noted some differences in how both brothers acted and presented themselves. All four of them met fans, thanked well-wishers for about forty minutes, and then made their way back to their vehicle.

This is where the incident happened. Prince Harry makes sure to not only open his wife’s car door but also ensure that he closes the door after making sure she is safely inside.

While Prince William sauntered off ahead and sat in the front seat without so much as a backward glance towards his wife Kate. Instead, an aide came to assist Kate as she got into the vehicle.

Of course, the public was quick to notice this stark difference in how both men treated their wives. “Can someone please beg #PrinceWilliam to be a gentleman to his wife sometimes, at least when in public. #PrinceHarry didnt think twice b4 opening #MeghanMarkle’s door. William left poor Kate to fend for herself,” one user wrote.

Others noted how their late mother Diana would be proud of how Prince Harry carried himself and took care of his wife. He made sure to put his wife’s safety and comfort before his own.

But even apart from this one incident, keen on-lookers also noticed the distance they saw between Prince William and Kate. People noticed how Harry and Meghan stayed by one another’s side and held hands.

While the distance between Kate and William was discernable. The two kept their distance from one another and did not even walk at the same pace which set off alarm bells for those looking on.

As always, the two couples were compared to one another in how they conducted themselves.

But one thing everyone seems to be agreeing on is how this seems like an olive branch being extended among both couples to perhaps bury the hatchet and portray the united front the family needs right now.

The Royal Family is currently grieving a major loss to their family. We send them our best wishes through this tough time they are going through.

Do you think reading into the behavior of both couples is warranted on this occasion? Let us know in the comments below.

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