March 20, 2023

On the morning of Queen Elizabeth’s death, a young girl in Victoria, Australia was in for a surprise. Olivia Akers wrote a heartwarming letter to the Queen telling her Majesty that she had dressed up for an online fancy dress competition. The 8-year-old sent photos of herself dressed as the monarch on horseback. In the letter, she revealed that she loved the Queen’s appearance alongside Paddington Bear and sweetly questioned if the monarch really eats marmalade sandwiches.

“We wrote the letter because it was her Jubilee and I had an online fancy dress competition and we thought she might like the photos of me dressing up as the Queen,” Olivia told Today, according to 9News. The letter read: Dear Queen Elizabeth, my name is Olivia Akens. I am eight-years-old and live in Tallygaroopna in Australia. I hope you like my photos? My side saddle came from England. My pony’s name is Lady and she is an Australian pony. How many horses do you have? I hope you had a lovely Jubilee.

Just when the young girl was beginning to lose hope for a response, something special came in the mail. “The Queen wishes me to thank you very much for the kind message you sent following the culmination of celebrations for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee,” the letter read. The Queen greatly appreciated the photographs “in which you and your splendid pony, Lady, are depicted in the costume”. “Her majesty was touched to know that you too enjoy horse-riding,” the reply said. Olivia and her mom had given up hope on whether they would ever get a reply but were so happy the letter finally arrived. “I felt very excited that I could get it ,and happy and good,” the little girl said. Added her mom, “Just a very special memory to have and like we said we thought we’d give up completely and we’d never get a letter,” she said. “To amazingly get a reply on the day that she passed was quite phenomenal really and I’m sure it’s a memory that Liv will treasure forever.”

According to LADBible, the letter was one of the last ones sent out by the Queen two weeks before her death. It was dated 25 August, and the Queen died on 8 September. There’s reportedly one more letter written by the Queen but this particular one can’t be opened for another 63 years and is sealed away in a vault in Australia. How mysterious!

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