March 25, 2023

In many homes, the morning ritual often includes a mother helping her children get ready for school. In particular, daughters often require special help with their hair because of the longer length of hair or the desire for ponytails, braids and other styles that children often struggle with.

Isabelle Pieri’s mother passed away when the girl was only 10 years old. Isabelle’s father did the best he could with her hair, but he was the first to admit that he had plenty of room to improve in this area.

Her father would pull at her hair as he tried to get the knots out, and he was not skilled with the braids that Isabelle liked to wear. Often, Isabelle would step on the bus in the morning feeling unhappy about her appearance. Both her and her father were stressed after this ordeal daily.

One of the first adults to encounter Isabelle each morning after she left home was Tracy Dean, the girl’s bus driver.
According to NBC News, Tracy is a 47-year-old mother of four children. She has a child who is approximately Isabelle’s age, so she understands the challenges that Isabelle and her father face every morning. One morning, Tracy decided to step into action. She offered to do the girl’s hair for her, and Isabelle gratefully accepted.

Now, Tracy spends a few minutes every morning doing a single braid or two French braids. Isabelle is slowly starting to work on her own hair, as girls gradually do at this age. However, in the meantime, both Isabelle and her father are grateful that Tracy has stepped in to help.

While Tracy’s gesture is small, it is incredibly meaningful.

What do you think about the impact that she is having on Isabelle’s life? Have you had an experience like this in your life? Our readers are eager to learn about your experiences, so leave a few comments below.

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