March 20, 2023

The world is mourning Queen Elizabeth II, the beloved English monarch who died this afternoon at the age of 96, ending a historic 70-year reign on the throne.

Ever since news broke of the Queen’s declining health, Britons have been out on the streets in a public showing of grief. Crowds have flocked to Buckingham Palace and other royal estates.

But just as the world heard the news of Elizabeth’s passing, a stunning display could be seen in the skies that many are taking as a sign from the late Queen.

Crowds of distraught subjects of the crowd flocked to Buckingham Palace this afternoon, even though it was raining.

But just moments before news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing was announced, the clouds broke — and the rain was replaced by a stunning double rainbow:

And remarkably, that wasn’t the only rainbow seen overhead at a royal estate.

There was also one spotted over Balmoral, the Scottish estate where the Queen died, and at Windsor Castle.

Some people might see this as a coincidence, but the rainbow has often been seen as a sign of hope and peace for people who recently lost someone, or as a symbolic “bridge” to the other side.

For many people mourning Queen Elizabeth, it was certainly taken as a sign from above. Some people even said the two rainbows represented Elizabeth and her late consort Prince Philip, reunited in the afterlife.

Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years, becoming the longest-serving and longest-living British monarch in history.

Throughout her historic reign, Elizabeth was considered a beacon of stability for the UK, from World War II to Brexit and COVID.

The royal family announced that she died Thursday afternoon. Her son and heir, Charles, automatically ascended to the throne after her death. He will be now known as King Charles III.

Her death marks the end of a historical era for England, and will be followed by an extended period of national mourning, including a meticulously-planned funeral expected to be held in 10 days, which will be attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth. Her passing truly marks the end of an era and a heartbreaking day for so many British citizens.

We hope many people took solace in the sight of these beautiful rainbows — maybe they were a sign from above 🌈

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