March 25, 2023

Adopting a dog comes with a lot of responsibility, but some people have a careless attitude toward the animals under their care. Dogs need food, water and love just like a person. Unfortunately, some pet owners are not caring with their pets. These people either are not ready to take responsibility or they are devoid of compassion for other living things.

The story of a dog named Richter is an unfortunate example of neglect by a careless owner, but he was fortunate that the Humane Society intervened to help him before it was too late. The dog’s owner, Alexander Drew, adopted Richter in 2016, then she tried to return him six months later to the same shelter.

She falsely claimed that the dog was a stray so that she wouldn’t have to pay a $30 return fee. The poor dog was extremely emaciated, and it was obvious that he had not been fed for a long time.

Alexandra must not have been aware that the dog had a chip for identification that enabled the shelter staff to learn that Alexandra was the one who originally adopted him. This was conclusive evidence that she had allowed the dog to starve while under her care.

According to WFLA News, Alexandra was asked why she didn’t feed the dog, and she glibly stated that she was “too busy to care for the dog”. Alexandra was charged with animal cruelty, and the dog was nursed back to health by the Humane Society. The officer in charge of the case described the animal in its starved condition, stating that his ribs and spine were protruding.

After Richter recovered his health, the Humane Society put him up for adoption, and he soon found a new home. This is a happy ending for poor little Richter who suffered so much. Hopefully, he is now in a place where he will get the proper care and love that he deserves.

You can watch the story in the video below:

Have you ever witnessed unfair treatment of pets? Let us know in the comments. If you’re concerned about dogs like Richter, show this story to your friends to raise awareness.

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