March 20, 2023

More often than not, victims of abusive relationships know they shouldn’t remain living with their abuser. That said, escaping an abusive situation is a daunting and difficult thing to do.

For many victims, options are limited. Packing everything up and gathering their children one day before their abuser returns home is too frightening a task for most, not to mention the enormity of finding somewhere else to live. Then, of course, even if they do find alternative accommodation, the sometimes the expense of moving prevents individuals from even attempting to leave.

Two teenagers in California recognized this latter problem and decided to do something very special about it. As per reports, Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers – a special kind of moving company – in 1997.

Today, so many victims of domestic abuse are beyond grateful for the heroic actions and free service this business provides …

“When Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers in 1997 as high school students, the frantic phone calls just started coming in from victims looking to flee dangerous domestic violence situations without financial means,” said Caroline Callaway, a spokeswoman for Meathead Movers.

According to reports, one woman was being routinely beaten by her ex-boyfriend while living with her teenage daughter. In a desperate attempt to flee, she contacted Meathead Movers and they immediately stepped in and moved her and her daughter out of the home.

They then brought them full-size beds, a dresser, a dining table, chairs, and even a beautiful potted plant — all new additions to their brand-new home, according to The Tribune.

When Meathead Movers show up to a home, the victim they’re helping often holds a mug shot of the domestic violence suspect in question, so that the team are prepared should that person show up. As per reports, on one particular day, an abuser came home in the middle of a move and began screaming at the movers. Things escalated to the point where he started to throw heavy items at them.

Yet by all accounts, this brave team are always undeterred and focused on the end goal of freeing a victim and taking them to safety. The team, made up mainly of young men, believe real men don’t hit women; real men help those in need.

These men are working tirelessly to make a change in the lives of those people who need it the most.

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