March 20, 2023

There is no greater force in the world than the love that a mother has. Time and again, stories come out about moms exhibiting hysterical strength — an extreme physical strength that occurs when people find themselves in life or death situations. This is closely associated with an adrenaline rush and comes when needed most.

Alyssa Dewitt is a mother from Manistee, Michigan. It’s clear that she had experienced this type of strength before as she used all of her will and might to rescue three children from potential drowning in Lake Michigan. The mother was five months pregnant at the time when she helped save the kids back in May 2021.

Dewitt had been enjoying a typical day at the beach with her own children when she noticed something troubling in the nearby water. She saw arms waving for help from the water below at the First Street Beach Pier. Three children — all under the age of 15 — were in the water, struggling to get out, but the currents and waves were too powerful for the kids to pull themselves up without getting knocked back down.

After ensuring that her own children were safe and sound, Dewitt quickly ran over to help the three kids who were in a life-threatening situation. It wasn’t easy, and the pregnant woman struggled to pull the kids out of the water and onto the pier to safety. However, she never gave up.

The mother’s brave actions effectively paid off as she was able to rescue all three children from the potential drowning and has since been deemed a hero by everyone who has come across this story.

Dewitt recalled the moment she realized that three kids were on the cusp of drowning in Lake Michigan. According to TODAY, she said: “I ran to the edge of the pier and they couldn’t even keep their heads above water at that point. I called 911 immediately.”

However, the strong wind didn’t let up, and the waves kept crashing. The kids could barely even hear Dewitt as she tried to tell them help was on the way.

The pregnant mom put down her phone and lay on the pier to try to reach the kids. “Every time I would grab their hand and get them partway up, a wave would come and smash into us and pull them back down,” she said. It seemed like all hope was lost for a moment. Dewitt recalled:

“This part will stick with me forever. This girl looked at me and she said, ‘I’m gonna die.’ It makes me cry every time I think about it. I told her, ‘I promise you I am not gonna let you die out here; I am gonna get you out of this water.’”

Fortunately, the mom found the strength to pull them all out. “I truly believe that I was meant to come here yesterday,” Dewitt said. “I don’t think it was a coincidence.” Everyone was in relatively good condition afterward.

Dewitt has since been called a “hero” for her courageous actions by Manistee City Police Chief Josh Glass. He said:

“When we have an everyday, ordinary citizen — a mom at the beach with her own kids — that just puts the (superhero) cape on and gets to work and does something so heroic and so above expectations, I think it’s important that we recognize her.”

Glass continued to boast about how amazed he was by Dewitt’s rescue mission. “When you have someone who puts their safety aside to help strangers, it’s amazing,” he said. “She could’ve easily said, ‘It’s too dangerous to go out there,’ but she stayed and her tenacity absolutely saved those kids.”

The police chief was not the only person who considered Dewitt a hero. Many people who have heard about this inspiring story or have seen the video have left plenty of positive messages online to share their gratitude for this kind woman’s courageous actions.

One person said, “She’s a hero for doing something and saving these kids!!!!” Another added, “She is an angel.” A third person wrote: “A real hero walks among us! Thank you for helping to save these young children!”

Other people continued to commend Dewitt’s actions, pointing out how brave and selfless she was in rescuing those three kids. One person said, “Adrenaline gives us temporary superpowers, good for her for not being a bystander.”

Others questioned where the children’s parents or guardians were during this ordeal but still expressed gratitude and amazement for Dewitt and her heroic actions. Another person commented: “I don’t know this lady, nor the children she risked her life and her unborn child’s life to save. But I do want to send her a big thank you for saving those children. You’re the best!”

According to TODAY, Dewitt and the children she saved were in good condition following the rescue. The pregnant woman and her unborn child were both doing well, while all three children were “doing well given the circumstances,” only sustaining minor injuries.

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