March 20, 2023

“We’re looking for a 13-year-old named Zane!” a bald, tattooed biker in a leather vest yelled after a group of riders stormed into town. That’s when the teen ste* out to face the inti bikers, and onlookers were quickly left j-dropped as they realized what was happening.

Zane Omlid knows all too well how big a problem bu…. can be for a lot of kids. The teen was being bu…. so ba…y, he didn’t even want to go to school anymore, and it’s no wonder. Classmates were constantly calling Zane names and teasing him. Sometimes, they even ph*** ab-used the boy, as his parents claimed he was puh…., pun,,,,, and even written on with markers, CBS Minnesota reported.

Sadly, although schools have policies that can lead to a suspension if students are caught b…., it didn’t seem like Zane’s school was doing much to stop the torment the boy was experi–encing. Luckily, Zane wouldn’t have to suffer much longer after a group of bikers heard what was going on and decided to st-ep in to make sure the bu**** knew some tough guys had Zane’s back.

To Zane’s surprise, Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bu* stopped by his home to let him know he didn’t have to face the bu* alone. The group was created in 2016 after members heard how a girl named Sydney was being bu. In Sydney’s case, some girls, who she mista…. thought were her friends, lured her into the woods. There, they ph* att**** her and then posted the abuse all over social media.

After learning about what happened to the 15-year-old girl, a few bikers decided they wanted to do something to make sure other kids weren’t treated like Sydney had been and the group Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bu* was born. Determined to show kids who are bu….. that it’s not okay and that they don’t have to face their torm…entors alone, the ant..-bu* biker group grew quickly, garnering a lot of followers on social media.

When the biker group arrived at Zane’s house, they asked the teen to come outside to meet them, where Founder Greg Carson presented Zane with a T-shirt and the group prayed together. The group then took a motorcycle ride through the community with Zane, leaving his mother thri…. that they took the time to help her son. Of course, Zane was happy, too, as the bikers made it clear that whoever was torme….nting him was finished. The boy was so grateful, he hugged many of the bikers.

And, they were just as happy to see him and his family as they were to see them, knowing that they were likely making a big difference in the young man’s life. Hopefully, the sight of the bikers did what it inte…. to do and left Zane’s bu….. knowing what it feels like to be int…… After all, it should be a bit unco….e to find out you’ve gotten on the bad side of a group of bikers. Now, the bu*** know that their behavior wasn’t going unnoticed but rather attr…. the kind of attention that they probably didn’t anti….or want.

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